Creative Reuse &      Secondhand Supplies.

Creative materials are abundant and all around us. Open your cupboards and closets and you will easily find items that can be creatively reused. When you re-imagine the lifecycle of an item through your donation you are making creativity and art accessible for all. We keep our prices of all supplies & materials low, so that anyone can enjoy the gift of art, and explore their imagination. 

Hello I'm Hailey! I am the owner of Cascade Creative Reuse! I am a Washington transplant and multi-faceted artist & crafter (I'll make anything once.) This shop is after my own heart. I grew tired of missing the creative reuse shops in my home state of Texas, and saw how the valley, my community & friends could benefit from a space that ignites the imagination through accessible supplies. So here we are, and I hope you enjoy this space as much as I do. Thank you for your donations & believing in secondhand crafts.